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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Auburn, Indiana

Our practice has been offering sympathetic and effective legal advice on a wide range of issues to local people in Auburn, Indiana for over fifty years.  All our drug possession attorneys, DUI defense lawyers and sex crime lawyers are experienced providers of legal counsel.  They adopt a meticulous approach to case preparation that helps maximize the chances of a satisfactory outcome, even in difficult or complex situations where the outlook is bleak.


Elder Law and Divorce Lawyers

In addition to the criminal defense lawyers we have available, our practice also includes a number of family law experts who can advise on matters relating to powers of attorney, divorce or other family issues.  We have child custody attorneys to help with access and residence arrangements, as well as personal injury lawyers should you or a family member have suffered an injury or accident through the negligence of another.


Are You Buying or Selling Property?

Even straight-forward property transactions can go wrong, which is why our real estate attorneys are always in demand.  Not only can they advise on buying or selling your home, they're also a great source of legal expertise when it comes to boundary disputes, lease agreements or other property related matters.


Probate Attorneys in Addition to Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you need assistance with wills, trusts and estates, we can help.  Estate planning is important in order to ensure your assets are handed down as you would wish and don't get swallowed up with death duties and other taxes.  No matter what your legal issue might be, you can be assured of prompt, professional service by a local firm that really understands your needs when you opt to use our team.  To find out more and book an appointment, call us at (800) 545-6453 now.

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