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Fast Access to Divorce Lawyers

When you've decided that your marriage or civil partnership is not working and that divorce is the best way forward, you need to contact experienced divorce lawyers quickly.  The right legal assistance early on in the process can significantly influence the eventual outcome of matters such as the divorce settlement and child custody arrangements.  Even if you haven't actually decided on divorce, but are considering your options, timely advice can help you make the right decisions.

Locally Based Divorce Lawyers

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Fast Access to Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Decree

Any divorce will require several visits to your legal team, as well as court appearances.  To save time and money, it makes sense to use a local legal practice to give you the advice and support you need.  Our team is conveniently located for clients living or working in Angola or Auburn, Indiana through our nearby office in Kendallville to offer prompt and easily accessible support if required.



Caring Divorce Lawyers


We understand that going through a divorce is frequently an emotionally demanding period, where clients need a high level of sensitive support and caring advice.  Our divorce lawyers strive to achieve a favorable outcome for their clients, at the same time as providing a reassuring service that helps clients during this difficult time.  If you're not sure how to progress your divorce and want straight-forward, friendly advice, call us now to arrange an appointment.



Ongoing Support


Particularly when it comes to child custody arrangements and alimony payments, the issues are rarely permanently settled.  We are happy to act repeatedly for our clients, providing on-going support as they need it.  If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your divorce difficulties, arrange an appointment with our divorce lawyers at (800) 545-6453.

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