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Penalties for the use, possession, and supply of illegal drugs can be steep; if you've been caught with prohibited substances, you need fast access to one of our drug possession lawyers.  Don't delay in contacting us as soon as you can – frequently we can provide timely advice that can result in charges being modified or even dropped completely.  We understand how demanding the court process can be and aim to ensure that all our clients are given the premium legal support they require to cope successfully.

Mitigating Circumstances

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There are often extenuating circumstances surrounding an offense which can lead to a more lenient sentence.  Our drug possession lawyers know the right questions to ask in order to ascertain any information that can help your case.  The sooner you contact them, the more rapidly they can start gathering data to build your defense.



Locally Based For Your Convenience


Whether you're working a busy schedule or simply don't have the money to fund long trips for legal advice, you can meet with drug possession lawyers from our firm at a location that's close to where you live and work.  Many of our clients come from the surrounding areas of Angola or Auburn, Indiana.  We have a centralized office in Kendallville that proudly offers services to a large area of Northeast Indiana.  Remember that you frequently need to make several visits, so keeping your lawyer close by is always a good idea.



Five Decades of Experience Near You


Our practice has been in existence for over fifty years, providing dedicated legal support to local people on a wide range of issues.  If you've been charged with a drug related offense, our drug possession lawyers are readily available to provide the support your need.  Call us at (800) 545-6453 to find out more.

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