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DUI Lawyers – Here When You Need Us

If you've been charged with a DUI offense, obtaining prompt legal assistance is vital.  Often it's the caliber of the initial advice you receive that has a major influence on the outcome of a court case, so calling us in a timely manner is essential.  We offer helpful and supportive assistance at every stage of the legal process, providing the aid you need to increase the chances of a favorable result.

Jail is Not Inevitable!

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DUI Lawyers

It can be worrying to hear that incarceration is a possibility, even for a first offense.  If you're located in or near Kendallville, Indiana, there is plenty our DUI lawyers can do to reduce the chances of this sentence.  Unfortunately Indiana law bars the reduction of DUI charges into lesser, non-criminal offenses, but skilful legal intervention can result in favorable plea options or even complete dismissal of the charges.  



DUI Lawyers for Repeat Offenders


If you've already been convicted on a DUI charge and have subsequently gone on to reoffend, the outlook can be pretty bleak.  We provide helpful and supportive legal representation for clients in Northeast Indiana, including Auburn, Angola and the surrounding areas, who are in this unfortunate situation.  Our experienced lawyers can frequently negotiate a lighter sentence or sometimes present your case in a way that ensures the charges are dropped completely.



Don't Delay in Getting Us Involved


Being charged with a criminal offense is frequently an intimidating and sobering experience.  Many people find it so overwhelming that they forget about calling for legal representation.  Even though you may never need us, it's always worth noting the number for our DUI lawyers down on your phone.  This means that should you ever be caught in a difficult set of circumstances, you can call us immediately at (800) 545-6453. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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