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Do You Need Local Kendallville Criminal Defense Lawyers?

If you've been charged with an offense, or suspect that you might be soon, it's time to call us to get the help you need.  Our expert team of DUI defense lawyers, sex crime attorneys and drug possession attorneys are on hand to offer prompt legal advice on your immediate situation as well as invaluable assistance in preparing your case and processing it through the court system.  Remember that timely legal support makes a difference, so don't delay in contacting us.


Probate and Elder Law

Many local people in Kendallville, Indiana, don't need criminal defense lawyers but may be struggling with an issue relating to wills, trusts and estates.  Our well-established practice can provide appropriate legal support, even in complex situations.  Where property is involved in a probate matter, our real estate attorneys can provide added expertise.  We understand that estate matters can be sensitive, so you can be assured of our utmost discretion when we're acting under your instruction.


Family Law in Kendallville, Indiana

Like everywhere else in the U.S., Kendallville, Indiana has its share of divorces, custody disputes and accidents due to negligence.  In all these circumstances, our personal injury attorneys, divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys are on hand to provide the timely, supportive legal advice you need to maximize your chances of getting the outcome you want.  The earlier in proceedings that you involve us, the more help we can give, so don't delay in calling us to discuss how best to proceed.


Genuine Commitment to Our Clients

We have been operating in the area for more than fifty years, offering local clientele high caliber legal assistance with a variety of issues.  Don't just take our word for it; call us at (800)545-6453 to book your appointment now and find out just how much we can help you in your legal distress.

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