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Ensuring that the wishes of your friends or relatives are respected after their passing is always an important and serious responsibility.  If you've been named executor in a will, it's important to obtain prompt legal advice to ensure that you're fulfilling your obligations in an appropriate manner.  We can advise on all aspects of probate, providing you with the information you need to facilitate a speedy and legal distribution of the deceased's assets.

Particularly if the will is contested or previously unknown parties come forward requesting a share of an estate, sensitive probate attorneys are essential in order to ensure that nobody benefits unfairly from a will.  Our legal practice has been providing timely legal advice for over fifty years, enabling many of our clients to obtain the outcome they want from probate proceedings.


What If Someone Dies Intestate?


Sometimes people die unexpectedly, or simply don't get around to making a will until it's too late.  These circumstances can mean that ascertaining who should get what can be contentious.  Our probate attorneys can swiftly advice on the correct procedures and provide information on the next steps required in order to dispose of assets correctly, in accordance with federal and state law.  


Local Expertise at Your Disposal


Our handy central location means we're ideally placed to accept clients who live or work in Auburn or Angola, Indiana through our Kendallville, Indiana office.  As our probate attorneys may well need to meet with you several times before your business is satisfactorily resolved, it's wise to make sure you can easily reach us.  If you need timely, discreet legal advice on any aspect of probate, call us at (800) 545-6453 to arrange an appointment.

Sensitive Resolution of Tricky Probate Matters

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