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Protect your property

Protect your property and your rights with our help. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or the owner of a commercial space, we offer experienced legal services.

• Purchase or Sale - We review and draft documents involving the purchase or sale of a residence or business.

• Refinance - We can review the terms and advise you regarding potential refinance.

• Closing Services - We prepare and review the paperwork that could affect you

• Commercial Leasing - A lease for business or commercial purposes

• Land Use and Zoning - Planning how to use or develop a tract of land, we can help you through the process with local government agencies

• Residential Disclosure Form - Seller's disclosure of what he knows about his property.

Residential and commercial closing

• Problems with home warranties

• Inspection rights of the buyer

• Home repair issues

• Whether the seller pays the closing costs

• Marketability of titles

• Title insurance policies

• Nondisclosure issues

• Surveys

• Zoning

• Lender requirements

We handle all complications

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With over 50 years of combined experience, you can trust us to solve your most complex problems.

Landlord and tenant issues

• Leases

• Evictions

• Writ of Possession


• Title exams - Assures your position and authority to foreclose. Also, you need to look for other liens of record that may need to be notified of the foreclosure.

• Substitute of Trustee (SOT) - Appoints a lawyer with this firm to act as trustee for handling the sale.

• Publication - We arrange and prepare for the publication. All foreclosures must be published in a newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks.

• Handle the sale - We attend and handle the sale, following any instructions you provide.

• Trustee's Deed - Conveys title to the property to the successful bidder at the foreclosure sale.

• Tenant Notice - Notification to any tenant occupying the property.

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