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Being accused of a sexual offense is often an unbearably trying experience.  Not only is there the criminal law system to contend with, but the nature of sexual offenses is such that the accused can also face censure from friends, family and even complete strangers should details become public.  Our sex crime attorneys don't judge – they are there to present your case in an accurate yet sympathetic light at court, ensuring you have the right support you need while your case is tried, and afterward if necessary.

We have been offering legal assistance on a wide range of matters to residents of Kendallville, Indiana and the surrounding area for over fifty years, providing dependable, helpful legal counsel on a wide range of matters.  If you need the services of one of our sex crime attorneys, visit our centralized Kendallville office serving all of Northeast Indiana such as Angola and Auburn.


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When you've been accused of a crime, prompt legal support is vital.  Gaining access to witness information, for example, is often best done as soon as possible after the alleged offense took place, when the details are still fresh in a witness's memory.  Our sex crime attorneys can be with you soon after you contact us, so don't hesitate – call us so that we can give you the legal assistance you need.


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Being “the accused” is an intimidating experience, regardless of whether you committed a crime or not.  We understand that, and do our utmost to give reassuring legal aid that ensures you're not left unsupported when facing the U.S. judicial system.  Call us at (800) 545-6453 for timely legal help when you need it most.

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